After the optimization of love Shanghai black chain camouflage Links became popular

a lot of websites have interested in the site links to a web site at the bottom, this is a good habit; however, such information should pay attention to safety, as shown in the figure below, the link is modified for Taobao links to jump to link Taobao off site link.

there are a lot of website copyright what copyright shows, as shown in the figure, the words "TBW" as stated above in copyright. If the owners paid little attention to program copyright link themselves, will not find copyright link has been modified, such links do English keyword.

I see a lot of links to this Taobao station, that is this kind of camouflage link; if the other owners are not professional, or don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, it is hard to find this.


at the bottom of


, as shown here, the camouflage link in the bottom navigation, the keyword "taobao贵族宝贝"; here is generally about us, contact us, link, if webmaster paid little attention to export link website, perhaps does not have what abnormality found here.

camouflage in the bottom navigation above




love Shanghai optimization webmaster all know, this time love Shanghai has claimed the black chain link, trading in the penalty notice; indeed, many buy black chain, linked sites severely punished. However, not all illegal access linked sites are punished, I in the process of peer observation site of the construction of the chain in the near future, find a new way to get links: camouflage links. In simple terms, is the invasion of other sites to link disguised as a part of a website.

compared with ordinary black chain or buy links, links to disguise a lot of advantages, it is hard to be not understand Shanghai Longfeng people found that two is a fake link number of small, high weight transfer; these two points alone, in only more than 100 case of links and camouflage, camouflage is low weight website links and I see that Taobao will achieve guest website the day before IP million. If you continue to develop this way, is expected soon to achieve IP one hundred thousand what. Here are some examples of camouflage links, may give us inspiration

information disguise

In the above picture link


in general, part of the enterprise or government website will provide famous website images, the figure in the taobao贵族宝贝 is camouflage images; image links will also transfer the weight. This type of camouflage link is also difficult to find, do not click on does not found.

camouflage in copyright above