360 beta function map accuracy needs to be improved


reporter followed by a second attempt, the upload is containing a picture of Gao Yuanyuan.

, for example, users upload the URL of the image containing Fan Bingbing, drawing function will be through the algorithm to tell you this picture of the characters of Fan Bingbing, and a brief introduction is given to Fan Bingbing and her pictures.

reporter on the first upload a picture of Zhang Xinyuan’s Web site, the 360 map gives the profile of Zhang Xinyuan and related pictures.

but in the trial process, the reporter found that the accuracy of IT Sohu is still in the 360 map beta period is not high, only four search identified a.


it is understood that the 360 is measured in a 360 map "function. Through this function, users can upload pictures. (the picture can be stars, flowers, movies, books and other entities), 360 search will automatically identify the name of the object, and gives the relevant introduction of this object. In addition, the knowledge map feature will automatically Lenovo objects in images.

but the attempt failed to search for relevant information, followed by the two trial also appeared in the same situation.