Content editing and the chain construction of bidirectional optimization

1 for the major search engines, the directory station is undoubtedly the fastest way to get the high quality of the chain, and the chain survival period is also good. Need to pay attention to is to should choose the appropriate directory directory in the station, a lot of garbage station to rise rapidly, Shanghai dragon -er caution needs.

8, the content of the end, the "reminder" ultimately, by reminding can not only promote the brand, this is perhaps that can bring a lot of benefits.

7, the content of the anchor text links to the pursuit of natural harmony.

2, named after the title is the need to pay attention to the theme is not easy to contain multiple keywords, multiple keywords easy to spread the weight.

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The construction of the chain Using multiple tags tags,

1, the title of the long tail keywords, and the combination of love Shanghai search drop-down box and relevant search proposition.


Reasonable use of

content quality determines the quality of the site, although there is a certain exaggeration. But it is not difficult to learn the truth content is king. It is a vivid metaphor, reflecting the importance of website optimization process content editing. Edit the contents of information if it can meet the needs of users, so there is no doubt that this article is valuable, is extensible, high quality content is the road of sustainable development.

website optimization scheme to consider making the station optimization and stood outside optimization, and the key is to edit the station optimization scheme of content, key station optimization is the construction of the chain strategy. Of course, the real Shanghai dragon -er is to grasp and in-depth understanding of these two aspects.

content in the hierarchy is to meet the primary user experience first.

Paragraph 5, The so-called

content editor note:

3, the title should be with the page, the content of each other, interrelated, not blindly the title of the party.


two, the chain construction scheme of

4, the content should be fully out of the subject matter, and the number and location of the rational distribution of keywords.

6 article, tags is the integration of related articles.

2, blog has become the way advocated the construction of the chain for the Shanghai dragon industry. Of course, advocated here is reasonable white hat Shanghai dragon behavior. Many interactive dating community has a blog application, like Shanghai Sina space, blog, blog etc. are all available resources in Shanghai dragon -er. Of course, the use of blog.

chain optimization process is of vital importance in the construction site, an. Whether it is the operation of teamwork and individual must be carried out in-depth assessment for the chain. Based on the construction of the chain, the audit can make the website more quickly and more effectively to improve the keywords ranking.