A novice webmaster do outside the chain of pain and pleasure

I just contact site optimization is in a machinery factory, at the beginning of the job is to send the chain, did not write the article, simply send the chain, every job registered some account dull as ditch water, every day I have a day is really tired, tired when you feel the pain, thinking about their own future, where is the future? Machinery factory work eventually stopped, half a year after the resignation of home.

according to the analysis of the quality of the chain and included the effect of the chain, so slowly I know what the website is of high quality, which is generally outside the chain, which is outside the chain is invalid, gradually in the experiment, I see the details of the work efficiency is improved, then I own finishing some of the sites included, when it is used for direct hits, efficiency has greatly increased.


entering the industry: a blank, had to leave


and then into the industry: understanding, further study

as a personal webmaster, I do stand also is very much, I did some industry station, did the game station, also did Taobao customers, worked in the company, he also took private live, also help friends to do the optimization, no matter where I am, are doing search engine optimization in any case, the change of writing outside the chain is not always omitted work in this work, such work throughout my years of life, now I will write about real experience as a rookie when I started work, share my years of pain and pleasure

my feeling and harvest the joy of learning process:

my feeling and began to harvest: pain


my feeling and constantly adapt to the harvest harvest:

of my work is the hair of the chain, the company stipulated in Article 115, the first day I was about 115, which is the Title Three, deleted 10 or so, the remaining 100 head, finally with the query tool included 48, about 50% less than the proportion of. Although the work is completed, but from nine to nine pm, the efficiency is very failure, but my hair is completely manual, if that is outside the chain of tools, it said on the other.

later I went into a network company, doing promotion for hospitals, large companies are really good, at least someone will teach you something. In the company after half a month, I can go through formal training of formal induction. At this time, my leadership taught me how to use webmaster tools, teach me how to check your situation, teach me how to teach me to post, post query results. I am really studying here, although the work is very tedious, but it is the feeling of pain and happiness of

finally, because of the change of love Shanghai strategy, the chain alone can not play a big role, every day outside the chain so much is not necessary, the company began the training, when you write to some people.