Google app store upgrade or will support Google glasses

for different size of screen, Google is still using the same Android application strategy, namely, with an application by stretching to adapt to different screen sizes. After the application of Google or will allow developers to develop different screen sizes of different versions. Even if the future Google glasses do not support native applications, but only provide Glassware applications, but for users, can use the Google store application, books, music and video on Google glasses, is also very good. (Chen Ran

technology news Beijing time on July 17th morning news, according to U.S. technology blog TheVerge reported, information related to Google glasses appeared Google just upgrade the nobility baby in a Play store, means that the app store will soon support Google glasses.

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user account with Google glasses, during a visit to the Play store nobility baby page, you will find Google glasses in some application compatible devices list. The updated Play store interface using similar noble baby Now card style looks more clear and neat.

app store for Google glasses, but also provide resources for the development of native applications. At present, Google glasses only support Glassware, does not support the local APK file. Not long ago, Google glasses support web browsing and contact management function, after may soon be in support of the local APK file.

app store for Google glasses can greatly facilitate the users of the equipment management. At present, the user must in another device on landing a Google glasses proprietary port, to install the application. U.S. technology blog AndroidandMe has exposed a screenshot of the app store, app store and said Google will soon support Google glasses, users can install the app on the Google glasses soon.

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