10 methods of free website traffic

free publicity is always welcome, so don’t ignore it. There are many methods, including free classified ads, submitted to the directory, not all free way to promote the site for you, but if you choose the right place, will give you unexpected results.

3, the use of social bookmarking sites.

search engine has been a main way to get traffic free. This is why you need to optimize your site, make your target keywords ranking is very good.

1, your website search engine optimization

is another way to get free traffic way is to exchange links with other sites. In exchange Links and your site you want to make sure that the nofollow attribute famous no link, but even if the links with nofollow (that is to say, they are search engine optimization useless), they can still help to get traffic to your site. If you exchange links with high quality sites, one from this link, you can get tens of thousands of hits. But be careful, if you exchange links, we must check the link every day, because the link to bad neighbors, the harm is great.

4, use your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

flow is one of the most important tasks of the webmaster. More importantly, you can not get a flow, and then benefit from. Get traffic is an ongoing task, you must stick to it, it is possible to obtain income. Here are some ways to get free traffic we can refer to:

2, often update your website content.

in search engine optimization, content is king, this is an indisputable fact, if your content more attractive, often update your website, it is not the only tourists to visit, there will be a large number of loyal visitors, and the search engine will also love your website.

7, create a free product or service.

when you offer something useful. For example, software services, positioning type depends on your website, when this product or service gets popular, >

social bookmarking sites (especially one of the most popular) is another powerful way to get free traffic. Such as delicious贵族宝贝 and Digg贵族宝贝.

5, on your site to add links to other websites.

social network is another way to get free traffic. If you are a social network enthusiasts, such as Twitter or Facebook, you can easily get a lot of traffic from.

6, the use of any opportunity to promote your website for free.