Clever increase website weight, let the ranking become clouds

third: the use of the website itself increase website weight

Links is a factor of the weight of the website, the high weight of the chain will let the search engine think your station is high weight. High weight chain is the practice of the last single, he chain you, you are not his type of chain. However, now the search engine does not seem to single. A chain is good blog sprocket construction. A lot of BSP blog, so let the chain blog into a circle, and then the common point in this chain, the main station, there will be a transfer of weight, let the master achieve high weight. Also should pay attention to when the sprocket blog: when a station is K, and immediately lift the sprocket for the other station, otherwise it will affect the weight of the main station, will be found in the search engine is cheating.

second: the use of Links increase website weight

: the first use of the original increase website weight

ranking lift stationmaster friends every day is most concerned about the site, an early group began to discuss a site is down right? How is the elevation of the hair fell in love with website snapshot of the website? What time to update? What time can we update the PR value of GG? On the weights of the different sites is everyone concerned, that how to increase website weight, let the ranking become clouds? And share their own experience.

how to use the website itself to increase website weight: the domain name of the website first?. In building site before you have to register a good domain name, a good domain name for the user to remember, like.Gov.Edu, the domain name is very powerful to search engines are. Second: Web server. The speed of the site visit, whether the web server is stable, which are influencing the weights of the website. Imagine a search engine to first open, second times or so, the third is still the same, such website, search engine will think is high weight website? So the website server is independent of IP, love the host of foreign owners can try ixwebhosting main machine (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝), don’t let you become the server the burden. Finally: website >

all know that the original thing whether it is for the user, or the search engine is a very valuable thing, a good original article, in the search engines, will be reprinted many times, that your links will also be reprinted many times, in this process, the realization of the transmission the link to the weight is very objective. But now the network appeared on the cup with the thing is, when your original reproduced in others, your link to delete, the webmaster in this note, an original article, on your site on a day is enough, so your site included, then get the other site, the weights of the high site can give your site to bring the chain high weight, while the spiders in the grab site, along with links to your site.