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make money is almost every webmaster dream, especially Taobao guest stationmaster, the purpose is more obvious. In order to achieve this goal, it is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea gexianshentong. Today I would like to make liberty rebate network as an example and friends discuss together play an important role in the promotion of guest website in Taobao.

Taobao customer promotion is not a temporary meeting, it is a long-term project. How can I be in a hurry?. One of my friends doing so to promote liberty rebate network, did not start with , he is quite good original soft Wen promotion, a month, included, IP, even the ranking has improved significantly, but is not a single business, was very distressed. I let him use promotion, a week later, although IP has nothing to change, but he has developed 41 members, Taobao clinch 11, the mall clinch 4. That’s the power of .

dense willow trees and bright flowers!

, as we all know, the relationship between website revenue and IP is very large. A website without IP is lifeless, but revenue and IP are not absolute positive proportion. I often see the webmaster in Taobao customer complaint forum, said IP how much, how much is PV, there is no order, no conversion rate would not return, IP is often said too little, people seem to be busy. There are also some Taobao friends directly asked me about the low conversion rate, ask me how to improve the conversion rate, I asked them how to promote. The result makes me dizzy. Most of them are good forum, is a little soft, almost no promotion . Under the wise, their reason is promotion is a waste of time. Sometimes chatting for a long time, people will not buy online, is not useless?. Have such a strong utilitarian heart in time, how can you promote

come straight to the point target. I just said it was the best thing to do when I was talking

users are good, in this I wish you health and good luck in everything, my name is sample, shop to two months now, and how many people will understand the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, and we now talk about how I just shop is cheated, no longer hope there are so many people cheated, beginning when you decide to open shop online blind to find a company customer service staff said that as long as you pay 3000 yuan, I can help you open shop, promotion, decoration, reputation, technology, supply I help you fix, you are only responsible for watching the store is good, I thought, this should be a good choice oh, after all, their own the Taobao store does not understand, what all want oneself to may do not understand what to do, but he is still at work, is not so much time. And then understand each other for a long time, and then asked her to look at the video, the size of the company, and write down her ID photos, I think it should not be deceived, on the same day and his girlfriend to discuss, put 3000 yuan remitted over to her, immediately signed the so-called contract say is the computer after the signing, the seal can also, right is very fast, the second day she said to me to help raise the open shop, 3 days let me send photos and information, and the shop opened, to see their own shop opened, my girlfriend and I don’t know much happy, I thought finally have a store of its own, although do not know will not make money, but always own a small business, he was busy with his to his friends to send a message to tell them my shop success. Your friends have to look at, there is no love of clothing open is the physical stores, the next few days have been friends and took several pieces of clothes, I thought really happy, although not earn money from friends, but can take business will be good, and she helped me second days shop customer service quickly to delivery,

promotion power, we see, but in the promotion of time also should pay attention to method, strategy. Can’t come straight to the point. Come up and ask you online shopping? I give you a rebate network, what what website has rebates, let a person see you are motives impure, you say he can listen to? promotion method, skills is very important. We should subtly introduce each other into our circle of encirclement. Chat when many people will ask "what busy?" we can answer, "I am letting liberty rebate network buy a what" then see each other how to say, we can tell whether he is not our target user, there is no possibility of development.

she let me give the buyer’s address and the model of clothing and other information, I immediately sent to the past. After a meeting, she told me, you choose the clothes are not goods, then I wonder, how the store just opened no goods, she said no goods, very normal, I said I let you send 4 clothes, you 4 are not goods. She said there are 10 parts in your store are not available, I was really depressed, sister these clothes are when you shop decoration you help me on the first batch of clothes shop ah, only less than a week so many clothes out of stock, my sense of loss, no one will see, I know I was cheated, not only resigned. I just put all her goods off the shelf, leaving an empty shop placed.

the next two days, I’ve been looking for information on the Internet to see if there are any suppliers. Read a lot, we are talking about virtual shops, easy. I also immediately understand, the virtual is good, time-saving, and profits are high, and then find a good home, and dedicated to teach me, and only spent 500 yuan. She taught me how to promote, reputation, baby optimization, decoration shops and so on. My reputation is less than three weeks a week, and I thank you very much for being here

we can also go to the game site to find the target. Play, chat, while looking for. Talk about hobbies, chat with friends, talk about skills. For example you are yellow, double integral, the person may ask you, you can say, I Q I bought is not, in the rebate network shopping website let liberty to send me, if interested in each other, is our goal, it won’t run away.