Kingsoft 2008 officially launched promotionDo Wangzhuan novice webmaster should have a positive atti

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Kingsoft 2008 official in the network promotion, please as soon as possible to get the package and the new advertising background. This ad and download pages have made great improvements, you can use a variety of webmaster online promotion.

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second, to master some basic programming ", if not the computer profession or occupation Wangzhuan, can HTML code changes can be simple. In energy conditions, can learn some web programming languages, such as Asp, Php, Jsp. Some of the commonly used CMS system new cloud, DEDE must grasp, easy to build a small website. SEO knowledge is also very important, more leisure time to see some of the SEO article, will gradually understand well skilled application.

, everybody:

It is often seen.!

change an angle to think, if there is no technology, no effort, no reasonable planning, what can earn hundreds of? What can do every day to stay at home waiting for the sky fell overnight gold? People have, perhaps tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people can have a, but will never happen to everyone. So here I want to give you a beginner a reasonable advice: much effort, pay, less complaining.

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also simultaneously launched reward policy, specific details can browse the bully project introduction.

on the road! !

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finally, want to say to you: is every webmaster, the higher should use the right attitude to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, is a gradual process, not overnight for Wangzhuan! Learn more, more exchanges, don’t be discouraged because of a failure, give up, to know every successful person to pay 99% of the sweat, not today’s "bitter", which is tomorrow’s "sweet", I believe that you will succeed in your

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

The promotion of data

as a beginner, there will be a lot of questions, each Wangzhuan advertising on the site is overwhelming, "what that day to earn 200", "to make money, after collection", "do not make money, do not charge tuition" this slogan has

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback the original owners of the house, as a result of respect for the work of author, please bring the link.

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Duba 2007 we would have been released in December 31, 2007.

here I just mention a few suggestions, only represents my opinion, perhaps to help some Wangzhuan novice.

first of all, to learn network based, easy to set up and configure the server, including the configuration of IIS, FTP etc.. If no server, must learn to use space, can simply build a website. Network security is also very important, can also find relevant information about.