Et on the week end, the monthly adjustment notice!Successful Taobao customers are made this way

third: pay attention to user experience, external adjustment,

in recent years, "Taobao" this term has been from no one knows to the present well-known, followed by Taobao customers will be more intense competition. A few years ago, the first contact with the Taobao customers believe that they now have a steady income, and some new contacts have long been missing. Well, in the end, a successful Taobao should be how to make it? I’ll share with you some successful Taobao customers success process,

second: adhere to optimize the long tail word


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believes that now the mention of optimization, the first reaction of the webmaster is SEO, SEO is an easy to understand, easy to work, but if you want to put it into full play, so we need to spend time and effort are incalculable. Here, there is a simple and quick SEO optimization method, and share with you. Some key words now has been the Tao guest almost exhausted, and if we want these old timers to the competition, it is almost impossible. What we can do is to optimize some of the long tail words related to the website. The practice is very simple, is to find some high weight BBS, and then do with their long tail word signature, we can also to sh419 post bar, question and answer type website to post, answer questions and so on. The purpose is to lure the spider into its Web site in order to leave the bait where the spider often crawls. If you do, and do it for a long time, as long as we can improve the rankings and flow, if after a period of time is not your long tail word up, then you have to look at your choice of the long tail word whether competition is too big. Adhere to optimize the long tail word, is a very conducive to ranking practice, I suggest you can try.

many people think that traffic can be profitable, but this idea is actually incorrect. Even if the site has a lot of traffic, but the content of the site can not arouse the user’s interest, then these customers will no longer visit your site. This kind of situation, seize the user’s psychology is a key, just seize their psychological, know what they need, like what, you can retain these users, so as to bring your website profit. So, how should we attract the user’s attention, it is critical to optimize the website page. Webmaster should give their website personality, in the web page highlights, don’t do some meaningless introduction, want to hit the nail on the head, so the user will see quickly to Taobao above to buy things. Jump is now a lot of webmaster use method, reduce the user in their own site stay time, in fact, this method is very good, but remember, this will be punished by search engines. From the long-term interests of view, clever page optimization is the fundamental interests of the webmaster.

first: clever page optimization

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