New station no flow, no GG, how profitableThe Taobao raiders who cheat

sh419 included after the promotion of appropriate 100IP is not hard to do every day.

scam three: free delivery program

Raiders such scams generally have a characteristic, in said their income at the same time, do not forget to advertise your website, by revenue figures to attract attention, in order to have more people to click on his website. This kind of scam is generally used by novice Taobao customers. They only hope that more people will know their website at the early stage. For this kind of scam, novices can generally do not have to pipe, and do their things dependably. Of course, the establishment of such scams, in fact, is meaningless, Taobao customers click on Taobao promotion site, it is of little value.

novice Webmaster Station of its own, not included in sh419, a little experience only 100IP but can also achieve profitability yourself and I hope to help novice webmaster.

Raiders regardless of who pull you registered, you don’t care, I want to do is to Taobao, Ali Mama official station to register an account, and then carefully read the relevant instructions, and then began to do the promotion.

, of which you will find a little higher, there is a lot of pull off the assembly line, exploitative mode. Unfortunately, Ali mother in order to increase publicity for Taobao products promotion, but also in the near future launched this kind of "I personally do not shame" means. Taobao Taobao registered passenger pull guest accounts, new accounts in a period of time the income will be pulling your registered human exploitation. In fact, this is very cruel, and for beginners, it was not easy to earn money, but also be exploited. Is Ali mother money to use the novice, reward those who give them have registered people. This way, I personally think very shameless, have registered compensation, should be the mom to come out, but this way, passed on to the registration of the novice who cheated.

how to use the 100IP to make money!! we have no sh419 GG theme but we have sh419 search box to the alliance. The use of sh419 search box and find our website related to the contents of the PPC page and replicated address, ads link on our website, click a few cents, but the content is close, click rate is high, the effect is very good IP of the past are effective advertisers is not offensive, sh419 will not say you cheat in order to prevent, the click rate is too high, we can access their own set of pages into their own sh419 union search page, often with a OK.

finished the first thing to do is to stop the search engine, but the submission included too slow, general webmaster forum took the spider way, it worked for shlf1314, but now sh419 did not like what effect. So I want to let sh419 as soon as possible to ensure the best website included the contents of the original ratio should be higher than 50% and updated daily, and a little joined sh419 union can speed up the site, it is very useful for ~~~~

in the Ali Mama official community, always see some people say they get how much how much income, which, in addition to some really high income this kind of relatively few people, really make more money master, many are not here, there are many boast have an ulterior motive.

I just finished the

good to say much about my last AD station for small and medium sized profitable webmaster provide some information and ideas, I wish all the station will eventually earn money changmen

with the development of the promotion of Ali’s mother, Taobao, and all kinds of official publicity activities, Taobao has been popularized by more and more people. A lot of new people joined the team because they heard they could make money. In fact, this space is not pure, the intrigues of the meet the eye everywhere. I wrote this for the novice to be less deceived.

scam two: pull your registered Taobao guest account

scam 1: false income


some people make their own set of procedures, or the use of an existing program, with minor modifications, the name of free brand, to give to those who want to make Taobao off promotion, but not development process, also does not modify the new procedures. It was a good thing to give and share, but some of them left behind the door in the process and let the newcomers do it for him. In fact, a little understanding of some procedures, it is easy to understand, to do such a back door, very simple. < >