‘m confused about finding SEOLuo Yonghao’s entrepreneurial experience the product is 1, marketing i

now, the Internet business is a tide, many people even think that "Internet = micro marketing, Internet business is to do a good job of marketing, such as a non integrity name, arguing frame, or do a marketing event. But, Luo Yonghao discount things to entrepreneurs is also a very critical reminder: product is 1, marketing is 0.

hammer price 1000 yuan, behind only one of the most critical reason: Hammer’s mobile phone inventory pressure is great.

lead: when Jobs returned to apple, he once made a very important reflection: "the product is sold out by the marketing man."." After Jobs’s return to apple, the most important thing to do is to get people to regain their voice.

is the original choice of stone, the most important reason is the fancy network promotion prospects also don’t know oneself correctly, heart to set themselves familiar with the industry period; another reason is that subjective encoding does not Study hard, do not want to engage in development. Think of a time when just a few days before the entry of the stone, in addition to the chain manager requirements of the article and list on the outside, the rest of the time is always in front of him to a few of our hair he often into the site, feeling a little confused down all day to find what is the exact schedule, the heart of doubt and can hardly be avoided. So I keep collecting this kind of information on the internet.

in the process of looking for work, the hearts of the gap is really quite large, before the hearts of the vision feeling in today’s real life instant becomes suddenly find themselves cannot withstand a single blow, so many years persevered through college value, looking at a recruitment unit poor Baba wages, the heart that is a a hate ah… Think of the time when you were in college, there wasn’t a good plan, and SEO was a mess. Graduate suddenly become helpless, can only blame himself with a good planning and employment direction, always go with the tide, and did not really stop and ask what you want to get what…

heart very clear, just graduated nothing is, so can’t talk about the salary problem, maybe I feel I’m not qualified. Just want to find a right direction, and then step by step for their efforts to achieve the vision of the heart…

key is hammer, mobile phone discount action is too sudden, the new model T2 has not been listed, T1 on the price of 1000 yuan. Especially for high-end mobile phones, the price is very hurt users, but also hurt the brand thing.

online information is really very miscellaneous, say what all have, but which industry is not so, there is no real sense of difficulty and easy, as long as you want to do it, and that’s enough. Until today, I have gradually become clear, and I am sure that what I know now is only skin deep.

Tencent technology quoted sources as saying, hammer T1 sales of 40 thousand units, 200 thousand of its inventory. But the reality of this figure is yet to be confirmed.

1, Luo Yonghao’s single point entry ability is very strong, especially in marketing, he put the "feelings" of this marketing weapon to the extreme. For example, "I don’t care about winning or losing, I’m just serious" and "artisan spirit."". Spell feelings is right, because the feelings behind the product personality endorsement, is a racial group empathy.


the two day, Luo Yonghao announced the hammer T1 mobile phone price 1000 yuan, a circle of friends shuabing.

Volkswagen’s concern is that Luo Yonghao had said earlier, "less than 2500 yuan is grandson", Luo Yonghao face discount questioned responded: "the actual business is greater than personal face.".

slowly in the A5 forum and I saw a lot of predecessors left behind on this blog, watching their experience and their original work experience and experience, there are some good predecessors out for beginners to learn from the articles in the blog, they carefully tells a lot when the daily work schedule, let me in the process of feeling to read their blog in a kind of spiritual communication. Because there were similar groups before, but there were very few people who could really calm down and explain to me. I’m glad they recorded it all on blogs. Especially today, I was lucky to see Mou Changqing’s blog, where I was more determined in the future, at A5>

SEO, I am confused, graduation soon, the heart will inevitably think more. Look around the students are looking for a way out, they have once confused, do not want to do anything, do not know what you can do. Now in the stone has been working for nearly two weeks, think this time the psychological distance, a lot of emotion, just want to record this bit. You may see the day after will be a different state of mind..

this year, is a small mobile phone industry, this is all the mobile phone industry if you do not have the pressure on the stock of the year, there are three pressure: the first is the intelligent mobile phone replacement tide growth decline, research company Digitimes Research, China, intelligent mobile phone market has passed the peak. Second, from 3G to 4G is a huge pressure, 4G mobile phone will be fully squeezed 3G mobile phone market space, to enlarge the pressure of 3G. Third, the listing of apple iPhone6, in the high-end mobile phones are a disaster, look at Samsung will know.


2, the product is 1, marketing is 0. This sentence is my conversation with Li Wanqiang, he summed up the marketing of millet. On the Internet, all the intermediate links have been cut off, and only products screaming enough, you can enlarge the power of 10 times, 100 times, if the product is not screaming, you just rely on marketing amplification, it is difficult to continue. Each guest’s lesson is a more vivid example, and now the transformation of customers is also a product.