Where is the way out in 2007Join the first video playback site League conditions

immediately added: the first video advertising alliance for film entertainment pictures website

, a join condition of the first video playback Alliance

* have the following basic qualifications can apply to join the first video website alliance?

1. registered website domain name for top-level domain name.

2. has its own web site or page such as blogs, etc. and has control over its website or page.

3. website world ranking in less than 1 million, to week rankings and three months average ranking data prevail. rank query: alexa.

* what type of website not be audited?

1. uses malicious code to force changes to the user’s computer settings and does not result in a normal recovery.

2. has only a single page and only the website or page that promotes the code is not approved.

3. site promotion code, or promotion code, poor environment, not through the review.

4. web site contains pornographic, reactionary, illegal content, not approved by.

5. website provides reactionary film and television download content, the content of dew point photos will not be approved.

6. website using indecent, untrue description and description of the text, such as: "prize", "minor", "one night stand", "18 year old ban" and so on, are not approved by the audit.

two, add the first video playback alliance process

1. correctly fill in the registration information and submit it for approval.After the

2. review, you can log in the first video play league to get the promotion code.

three, registration audit takes a long timeWithin

48 hours.

is not required, each account can bind any number of domain name.

five, the password is lost how to do?

six, I can modify the code?

seven, ad code in multiple pages? Or you can put more than one ad code on the same page?

the same ad code can be placed in multiple pages;

with time, I pushed, the website became rich day by day. Look at the crystallization of your hard work. Don’t mention how happy you are. Look at the statistics, 5 independent IP, PV 20. is really happy to faint. Later, a little bit of discovery. Even the amount of 4/3 comes from my hand. How to do it? Do not understand the promotion of new people, want to make their own flow >

 . Don’t be afraid of jokes. I’m the poorest person in my personal station. From 2004 began to do the station, then can not say do not stand it! Personal home page. Online every day, not less than 8 hours, and did not earn a penny. Shame on you! I wonder if you have any experience like this,

but what I didn’t think of was that, for more than a month, there were not many replies. There is only a little superficial response. At this time I know, a person’s strength is very limited. A lot of time is enough, but not enough. In desperation, I think of ways to spend money to buy all of your resources. But, between oneself has been poor to the extreme, and can only bite the teeth, and take out one month’s breakfast, money 90 pieces out don’t know, you have no such as I am poor Oh, if there is more support. Once again to my classmates, friends and colleagues that award, is a range of subjects across the customs. Prizes have their own handicrafts, but also from small stalls bought small ornaments and so on. One month later, I received more than 70 valid data. hey, this life really is more realistic, no reward things want to do well, a word, difficult. In this way, let me a month breakfast in exchange for my friends support and attention, I also told myself that the value.


is the same as usual, on the PHP program I heard that PHP program simple, functional, and warm service on the election of PHP open source program After many investigations, and the exchange of users, it will be fixed to the site. The collection and dissemination of local customs and customs. Do not know if this road has gone wrong, so blind all day more than ten hours online line, looking for data, writing content. In many places, I have never heard of it, let alone the local customs. There is no way to send emails to them for advice to all your classmates and friends only. Let’s hope they give us some help.

until February this year, it was really free from the personal home page then in the webmaster network to see a free home page can also monthly income of ten thousand, do not know is bragging. Maybe I have little talent and less learning did not see,! is Chinese renamed to our poor webmaster such a chance, a piece of a domain name, I also get a note, because no money to buy space, but they do not want to give up their own do dreams, passions and dreams to yourself when the time the beggar, finally get a little PHP space in Witkey home. In this way, the webmaster career on the pace.