Qinghai, Yushu all grassroots webmaster refueling for you!

4.14, with a sad atmosphere, when the Yushu earthquake that moment, we look at those compatriots but unable to save us, those lovely people, they is life, they have yellow skin, with all the children of the Yellow Emperor blood, why did God do this to them, today is April 21st, the national people silently mourn the victims, the deceased is great, living to be stronger, every day watching the news every day, watching the rapid growth of the digital heart is some fear, some sad, in the face of natural disasters we human beings are powerless to stop, we recall the Sichuan 5.12 at the moment, now is a pain. With a terrible memories.

morning open A5 found that many stations are gray, I have already put in last night’s own website became gray, although this is only a form of network community, I think we can pass through this form of our motherland from all sides of love for Yushu, in Yushu, in the face of all kinds of website of grey my mood, with a dignified color, obviously today’s atmosphere is very tense, our Yushu compatriots, our lovely Yushu, you know? The people of all ethnic groups are your brothers and sisters, the network community compatriots are praying for you, farmers, workers, teachers, doctors, and overseas Chinese wait for you in silent prayer, all for you! You have to hold on, you must be strong, no difficulty with your brothers and sisters, remember the earthquake, our hearts are always One can’t cut off the shadow, no Valentine’s love in the earthquake disaster, when the fellow, I think everyone Xindu pulled together well, everyone will be for those who mourn, for those who pray, for those injured compatriots living to refuel, I just want to say Yushu


suddenly think of human life, human life is short of good good fragile, and faced the merciless earthquake, in 08 years engulfed Wenchuan earth, once all, once in an instant, at that time we kind of panic, uneasiness, I think I can feel now Yushu is now the realm, the mood at this time, in today’s half mast and silent, I feel that a few minutes is so long, as if I came to Yushu, I went to the side of those dead, but with a lot of dignified mood sad, I think no matter for the people. Only our heart together, we will overcome the earthquake, we will overcome the natural disaster, as a webmaster of me, I just want to say to Yushu, our webmaster for you!

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