Communicate with the local SNS webmaster about several details

this chapter is still UCenter, Home, 1.5RC3, for example, and local SNS webmaster share some specific details.

1, home page content, more local features, more flagship content,

login before the home page, the default display of pictures, logs, games, groups, etc., these are not ideal for the local station. Because the home page, after all, is a website facade, especially for tourists, is one of the main factors that determine whether it is interested in registration. Therefore, it is recommended that you may make some adjustments or additions and deletions to the home page layout to highlight local features and display their flagship content. For example, you can call the forum a bright section of the post, show the local scenery, pictures, etc.;

2, the navigation bar above shows the most exciting columns

The navigation bar above

is one of the most attractive places for users to view, so it’s best to showcase the most exciting columns. The top navigation bar is the default link home page, homepage, friends, casual look and messages, and these are not your website main column, suggest that you may wish to make some adjustments, for a website to be the most column link;

3, the left menu can add more top link

The default content of the

left menu is divided into two parts, one is the basic functions of SNS, such as logs, albums, groups, etc. Two is the list of default application games. Between the two, we can add more links flexibly. For example, many webmaster may suffer from the forum can not show, and here you can make some important sections of navigation links;

4, the default application game list should not be too many

this point in the game such as "SNS" can not drink too much wine has been described in detail, and will not go;

5, it is necessary to have a forum

local SNS is necessary to retain a forum. Some webmaster may feel SNS has group function, gave up the forum. In fact, the forum should still exist. A group forum function as powerful group has only relatively simple topic publishing, at present even the topic classification functions are not; two is because the SNS is the real name system of community, many local real topic, as a member of the real name authentication is not convenient to participate, and can even set the anonymous visitors posting Forum


6, to highlight the forum’s dynamic

for SNS, the forum is relatively easy to ignore the link. As a local SNS, we should strengthen the construction of the forum and embody the development of the forum. For example, you can set the home page display forum dynamics, call the forum post, appropriate promotion BBS essence post, etc.;

7, the forum to guide members to participate in SNS

actually, there are many members who come to the forum by searching for a post, though >