A webmaster of the three site experience

has been on the Internet for a long time and has the idea of making home pages. From March this year to now, from the initial Dewey’s Homepage to the current E network, I’ve done several websites. To sum up, there are many inspirations. If the process is divided into three stations, each station has new inspiration. Let me show you, and I hope to give you some enlightenment.

first site

was first established in 2003. When my friend Huey made his personal homepage, I felt I was a little behind, so I began to make my homepage. At that time the home page has been a lot, and many of my friends have their own "home", I am very unwilling. In this case, the homepage is especially fast, and it is completed in one night. I’m surprised at the speed.

that site is called Dewey’s Homepage (I was called Dewey at that time), made with WORD. I am familiar with WORD, almost all right. You can also be handy with a web page. Later, I clearly remember that in March 2nd, I uploaded my home page and uploaded it to ChinaRen. It’s a stupid home space, and I’ve got a lot of trouble on my home page. The seemingly difficult problem was soon solved. In fact, thanks to the "idiot" ChinaRen home bus – using WEB mode upload, ha ha.

by this site, we can get inspiration:

1, novice web site is not very difficult. If you are eager to see the results, you can try the famous and seemingly sticky WORD pages. Use your customary way to do web pages like an article, and you’ll get unexpected results.

2, the home space does not have to pay too much attention to, everyone’s views are different, listen to who is good, or try it. For example, ChinaRen is not the best, but I choose it, but also very suitable, see, do not parrot


3, uploading is a hassle, and I didn’t fully learn how to upload it with FTP software until the summer vacation. If eager for success. Uploading is not scary if you have a little web base.

the second station,

after three weeks, I couldn’t hold on to it. The first website was not updated very soon. I started a new page version of the Dewey’s Homepage, the FrontPage 2000, and do a good job on the first page of LOGO, BANNER and navigation, and threatened the April 1st launch of the new home; results in April before, and announced that the May 1st launch of the new home page. The process is particularly slow at this time. By May, the homepage had not been uploaded.

during this time, I was very interested in the homepage. I’ve been reading articles about home page on the Internet, in magazines and in newspapers and magazines