Taobao won the Commission increasingly difficult, Taobao customers will go from here

a few years ago, many people rely on Taobao customers to earn a lot of money on the Internet, if the circle fought for many years webmaster friends remember when people talked about L-carnitine storm, slimming products list Taobao guest website, a simple single page website profits tend to make many large websites with shame, and the success of the trick is to make super Taobao Taobao customer products commission. But in the Internet world also follow the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years principle, now this single page Taobao customers want to profit is difficult, because the Alibaba for the rectification of the Taobao alliance, is for those who have potential violations of Taobao off site commission freeze, which makes many of its owners feel like chilling. Taobao customer this road has been blocked.

but I think the reason why Taobao, Taobao alliance off Commission freeze, and the purpose is not to completely ban Taobao guest website, according to Taobao Union Commission frozen reasons we can find that the frozen Taobao guest website basically uses a lot of illegal way to get sales, such as browser hijacking traffic. Station group traffic hijacking and domain binding sites of Gao Quanzhong’s hostage, in other words, want to through opportunistic way to get Taobao passenger Commission becomes more difficult, Taobao customers is not there in the background of future do


also said that the Commission is the Taobao union frozen tiger mosquitoes playing together, except for small personal Taobao guest website Commission were frozen for Taobao and upstream sites such as beautiful or even cancel the qualification for Taobao, from this point for the majority of small and medium-sized customers of Taobao is undoubtedly a huge positive because, from the giant monopoly is less and less, and the personal living space is clearly off Taobao will enlarge.

correct operation Taobao customers still exist

In fact, Taobao

alliance still encourage the majority of small and medium-sized owners to participate in the Taobao customer, after all, Taobao alliance created profit model for Alibaba from individual combat into the Legion battle, to know the reason why Baidu can search engine market thriving in China, its core is from the many small owners support. That is to say the small owners is also very important for Baidu, the small owners rely on Baidu’s advertising to make a profit, while Baidu will rely on small owners to increase advertising depth and breadth between plus and small owners to the contents of the depth of cooperation, can effectively promote the growth and development of Baidu.

Taobao alliance was an alliance of Baidu advertising derived from nature, from an electricity supplier in the field of advertising, small owners of Taobao earn traffic, so as to obtain the small owners Commission, the end result is to let Taobao on the flow of electricity providers of monopoly, in other words now Taobao and Tmall in the electricity supplier the overlord, Jingdong and the bright younger generation can not shake, one important reason is that there is no mature Taobao advertising alliance system.

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