Promotion is kingly way, do not rely on false flow

saw a lot of brothers on the Q group yesterday, looking for links, and IP and PV were very optimistic. And all have statistical screenshots, many novice webmaster letter and words, all in a stream of exchange friends link. In order to let you novice webmaster to see the false information here, I described in detail below their cheating means!


1. Use smart software.

smart software has 2 major functions.

function 1: is from the software through a variety of search engine search from keywords into the domain name, so he can always see all kinds of search engines, such as Baidu, Google and so on.

function 2: from the software directly to the agent IP written into statistical software. Such as 51, cnzz and so on. This is the most direct and fastest way. In this way, the statistics software can show how much IP is visiting today.

two, but also the use of smart software in the brush flow gadget

on PV, we all know that a single site high traffic is useless. It’s for those second rate webmasters. As long as using a computer to open multiple software, where crazy refresh his own web site, traffic naturally up, and the time interval is short, so one day down, 10W traffic is not a problem.

this is a small movement of those false new Adsense in order to find Links and do, but they can only be satisfied in their own world, the outside world was not. They can only be described as self sufficient. If you can access their Statistics website, you can see that those IP are proxy IP, not natural flow. I hope all the new webmaster understand.

is here in the hope that the webmaster rely on our own efforts to promote the site the true nature full of sound and colour, with IP. Learn to be down-to-earth, not to be self-sufficient in your own world.

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