A travel station owner obtains the experience of huge venture capital

Tourism supermarket

08 half of the year he was still on a portal travel channel of the second half of the year, it is waste time, 08 years at the end of October decided to bid farewell to the original company, out of their mix. He is actually working in the travel industry for about two years, said that if a person is by chance half half is hard, it is better to say that he is on to an industry of perseverance, a spirit of plough.

8 million of the financing to operate by such a boy, in the tourism industry China is rare, the author had the honor to visit him, so he learned some coffee shop on the road! We’ll call him kitty. To tell the truth at the first sight of him like a child, not how long tall,stately and handsome some procrastination, instead. But from his fine eyes he revealed a bit of maturity. The following is a summary of some of the dialogue by Comrade Harry Hawk:

heard that the financial crisis under the pattern you get financing, so good news in the industry very few people know, some hidden


Kitty Hawk: where? Where did the overseas Chinese spend a little money with a Chinese capital on the tour?. I also do not know the operation of the capital, is involved in disorderly fashion, the fact that we have no contact with foreign substance, until finally settled in Canada met once, signed the relevant agreement, but before that, we call communication once at least three hours, done a lot of preparatory work.

how do you feel when you invest?


before the basic work of careless and casual, when you are my you until the mood will happen, not at all easy to tell the truth.

can you talk about is how to get investment, also let us these ascetic long eye


Oh, no, in fact, any industry is a chance to follow, the key is to find like-minded people, also hope to have a successful people in this industry, now Chinese investment are false, not by us with a perfect business plan to piety the presentation to the so-called reverent and respectful in venture capital, venture capital will not absolutely timely assistance, the wisdom of the icing on the cake.

when we have not, at least you need to have on the industry depth of understanding and actual combat experience, there is no need to talk, tell your partner with a simple phrase, you provide what kind of service in this industry, not more than 12 words.

, the so-called business model is relatively macro, the so-called concept is also very misty, partners sometimes see more of our character, how to contract wind and rain setback toughness?. Circle of friends often ask me, China tourism Lotto for 5 years time, a journey of the portal resources fast, your travel platform will be said to them, I decide on what path to follow? My travel is from basic services running up the industry to start, do the basic services in the industry will have a land can be cultivated. Walk too fast, die easily, walk too far