Also talk about the personal local classification information website of that thing

classified information website news constantly: China YAHOO and word-of-mouth merge, in order to classified information; 58 to Softbank capital, ready to do to open up the market in Southern China; the platform network has many days not open, do not know in practicing internal strength or for living in seclusion……

station has large operations, we also have a way station station. Let’s talk about what we don’t have:

1, strength, especially economic strength. Without economic strength, it means we won’t burn money.

2. users and traffic. We are a new station, nothing, really from scratch.


that we have a personal small webmaster what? Hard, hard, flexible. What this second is doing is probably only a second before, and it’s done in good order. Depend on these, I feel individual stationmaster also can be in the spring tide of classified information. We have done the following thing, perhaps we can have some harvest.

1, basic work,

The first step in

‘s Web site is to have websites that can be shipped. Domain name, space, program can not be less. The domain name com is the best; the space is the best stable security program; if you can afford to write their own, can not write the words to the online search, search a lot. Of course, in order to completely ease the program, it is better to buy formal business procedures, after all, such procedures are excellent, service is guaranteed. You can take a look at the Hsort classification information system ( Domain name, space, program have, the website also built up.

2, enrich content,

an empty web site without content is of little value. Where does it come from? Service to the Internet, from the internet. There are some classification sites in your area, or the classified channel of the information port. You should go back to the copy point and make it seem that your classification station has many information and updates soon, so you can go on to the next step.

3, full cooperation with traditional media,

‘s era of making money alone on the Internet is over. With the traditional media, his value will be fully represented. Open newspapers and magazines, mainly to see the ads, which classified ads is not the URL of the page, he is your potential customers to find the layout! Unit is responsible for the contact, and then put some blood: give yourself with a decent outfit.

then, of course, the dressed man, the dog like and the responsible unit, the family to talk about. As for how to talk, it will vary from person to person. General is this: self introduction; flattery; self flattery, then enter the key: the other side did not publish advertisements on the Internet, and you can give them any classified information to be published in the newspaper are free to do on your site, they need is in the newspapers face on your website.