How to make your enterprise website have more traffic

as companies become more aware of the importance of the network, the network is like the second life of an enterprise, which is generally grasped by the enterprise. Many enterprises have started their company’s official website career. Many enterprise bosses believe that a website can be linked with the Internet business, the network customers will naturally find them.

believes that SEO’s brothers and sisters are surrounded by such bosses who do not understand the Internet but are blind to directions. It wasn’t long before they found out that the facts were not what they imagined. As a result, they follow the trend of "everywhere" to recruit SEO workers, so there is a "SEO workers" wind and water situation.

they call us when we ask not what technical problems, will only ask any successful case? There is no SEO experience? We provide relevant information, began working life, during the work, the boss will as in the past to our whim. For such bosses, we sometimes say nothing but sigh. But we are speechless, as SEO workers, but also have to do our duty to do a good job site rankings, the site traffic well, so that enterprises have much revenue. Well, that’s a little bit more bullshit. Let’s begin today’s topic: how do you get more traffic on your corporate website,


let me put my experience to share with everyone, welcome paizhuan.

1.SEO long tail optimization

, I’m sure you don’t need to talk about it. Many people know, but how do you do better than your competitors and get more traffic than your competitors?

first, we can start from the choice of words, such as capacitors, capacitors are essential parts of many electronic products. Of course, a new station to do the capacitor directly, this word is a bit small difficulty. We can start with long tail words. We extract the key words we need from Baidu products. (Baidu products include: Baidu drop-down, Baidu related search, Baidu library, Baidu know, etc.)

we all know, SEO optimization, site can’t have too many keywords, this will affect the overall weight, directly affect the ranking, today, I want to tell you, the website must do more keywords. You might ask, wouldn’t that be the overall ranking of the site,


I say do not all keywords of the page, page must be three to four target keywords plus brand word, we put the capacitor into the long tail words such as column page, content page, together, we will find that the content of the website will be hundreds or even thousands of words. In this way, the long tail word inside the page and the home page target keyword relevance is very high, the home page does not want to have ranking difficult. The long tail words in the inner pages are more difficult words, but some people search for them. A long tail word, if a person search, thousands of keywords, if there are hundreds of people search, then one day, there are hundreds of people visit our enterprise website, and these customers extremely accurate.