ndividual stationmaster should choose what kind of webpage game operation platform

now many small and medium-sized webmaster joined the bubble play, YES play, 51 play and other web game joint operation platform. But from the major operating platform exchange forum, QQ group can be seen, many websites are complaining about the game channel login game player is more less and less, the number of recharge, even so, not to mention what benefits. Small and medium-sized websites have been reduced to being the free advertising providers for web games operated by the platform. Web game operators are through such cooperation, to improve their web game exposure and registration number, but small and medium-sized websites but not a slice of soup (or share a little soup). So personally think that only caused this result, for many reasons: first, the current group of audience web games or narrow, small and medium-sized site traffic is limited, resulting in the number of games is more less; on the other hand, the operating platform is to adopt the cancellation fee into a way, i.e. when joining the site member consumer behavior, they can get revenue sharing. This simply in accordance with CPS (by consumer pay) way, of course, can not guarantee the proceeds of the webmaster. There is, the current major operating platform in the integration of web games and small and medium-sized sites, is not perfect, and some also need small and medium-sized site users two times registration and login to play the game. This will be a lot of trouble when the players outside the door.

in the end, personal Adsense, should choose what kind of web game joint operation platform to join,


first: high reputation, credibility of the joint operation platform. This is a basic condition, just as Adsense choose advertising alliance, the credibility of advertising alliance is a very important assessment index. Otherwise, encounter an unscrupulous platform, it is difficult to guide players consumption, earned a little into, and finally did not get the money, and not worth the candle.

second: the type of game in the joint operation platform is in line with the user of its website. For example, to do online games, forums, of course, access to some war strategy category, /RPG class web games, and to do chess forums, of course, access to the web board game is better. In this way, the publicity and promotion of the website users are easier to do, and the conversion rate of the website users will be higher, and the corresponding potential income will be more.

third: look at the profitability of the game in the joint operating platform. If a game is poorly profitable, you can’t make money even if you import all of its Web users into the game. And look at the profitability of the game, in addition to the reputation / popularity of the game to determine the extent of the game, the best way is to experience the game yourself. If you don’t feel like you’re going to recharge the game anyway, the average user won’t say anything else.

fourth: combination of joint operations platform and website. It’s better to choose a platform where web users do not have to register two times (that is, web users can log directly into the game without having to register their game accounts again), and it’s better to do it on the site integration system