The wise remark of an experienced person ruthless money industry

as it is known to all, a station station is nothing more than making money. Now as long as the Internet is a webmaster of the historical period, how to use their resources, become the Internet goers? Some people will say, you have to pull, this is what I, also "goers", expect a website that a few advertising is not a living, when you starve to death.

take care of you are wrong, is the so-called 360 lines, adventure.has, in an industry to do fine do for a long time, the doorway road naturally came out, which is not earning money? Really don’t make money, it may be your method or business philosophy changes, the today, in the majority of education primary rookie webmaster mind, give everyone a industry station class teaching.

the so-called "industry station", both refers to a particular industry website, such as cars, auto parts, decoration, repair and so on, this is from the big side. Also from the small talk about, those relatively high output value, the audience more, such as Taobao women’s clothing, diet pills, mobile phone accessories, etc., are also summarized as industry websites. So these so-called industry station is how to make money? Google advertising is the ideal choice. As a result, compared to entertainment types of sites, Google advertising to the industry will be a lot of hits at the station, and secondly, Google advertising high precision, high matching advertising will make your income like a duck in water, turned over and turned over. So, fellow donors, cut down the entertainment station and join the trade station.

industry station novice practice, this method is only applicable to the novice, according to this, the basic daily revenue dollars will let you steal music.

1, prepare a Google advertising account. This is a must drop, no such thing, do not talk about the optimization of the back to make money. Many novice may not have the Google advertising account or apply to, personal recommendations can go to the A5 forum for people one or two you may be able to apply for guidance, it is not, should buy an account it is not a bad idea, but it can only be under way.

2, select one that you want to know more about. Some people may say, I am not ah, my junior high school culture, I can do what industry? Very simple, basic necessities of life, everything can be industry station, then not you bought clothes, mobile phone, always buy it, and do these related. For some have proficiency in a particular line of friends, this is your paradise, to sort out you know the professional knowledge in all it can now brew storms on rivers and seas, have come in handy.

3, pick a domain name for the industry. This is also important, domain name in the role of SEO is also not to be ignored oh. Such as "Taobao ladies", you can register a "taobaonvzhuang" domain name, domain name in pinyin anyway, and must be your industry hook, don’t be afraid of the domain name is too long, almost all rely on the search industry, then a short domain has a few people can remember you.

4, install >