How to accurately check the number of backlinks

reverse link is also known as link popularity, it is the network in other sites on their own site cast votes; reverse link number, the more that the site has a very high value, more should be search engine and user attention. The search engine ranking algorithm has long been the number of backlinks calculated, and the absolute number of backlinks as an important reference value.

reverse link is one of the three major SEO strategy, its importance is self-evident, at the same time, an important part of the establishment of the reverse link is rich SEO, there are many ways to get backlinks, such as: linkbait, Links, network advertisement, site cooperation, we can see the establishment of the principle of "reverse link".

master reverse link can make us have an overall grasp of SEO external link strategy, and can be used as the research point of ranking optimization. The most important thing is to summarize and innovate more and better link strategy.

describes how to use the advanced commands provided by the search engine to query the number of reverse links on the site:

Query reverse link Google in

The number of reverse link reverse link number and site

Google are truly far, the reverse link Google itself the statement is not accurate in quantity; at the same time, show the link is random, and in no particular order, update frequency fast enough. Even so, it’s not that your new backlinks can’t be valuable in a short time. We must pay attention to: Google on the website at any time in the reverse link is calculated, and the calculation of the latest ranking will calculate the reverse link numerical account; that is to say, the number of backlinks really has been used within the Google, after a period of time, Google will consider updating the reverse link number, and returns the corresponding in the query. This period of time is usually 3 months, the reverse link update is often a harbinger of the PR value of the site update.

Google given the reverse link, to determine the value of the site in the eyes of Google, or more or less a certain reference value. The specific query method is:

added: "you can take www with you, but the query command does not support" site: "or" intitle: ". This is a regular method.

added: "don’t look at about how many query results, the value is not accurate; you need to manually flip and go by the numbers, at most can turn to many pages, not the" will omit results into the search range and re search ", it will also display the

station URLQuery reverse link Baidu in


Baidu" also uses the "link:" command to query reverse >