Baidu Hello, ruthless really, you are ruthless

ah ~ ~ · once I was a graduate students, for the Internet is what all don’t understand, come out to work slowly contact network, access to the Internet, let me know the Baidu search engine niubable, not strong Niubi, can only be regarded as the search more Niubi right who, if domestic, and easy to remember, do not understand the network that anyone can remember, will go to search. But as I slowly got into the Internet, I saw more and more Baidu’s vices and faces. Let’s talk about what you know:


1, some time ago the news search About Baidu unreal and I believe that we all know, now Baidu although slightly reformed, became the top four advertising, but such a difference? In front of the position to some people do not understand or do not know that the network is the promotion, promotion of two small 2 words is there no big difference, other people do not know who know network advertising.

2, according to the above, I do the bidding is deep, because I know the hospital management background, a basic auction price of the hospital, you may not know a word in Baidu high price to what position, I speak a little two words, if it is breast augmentation rhinoplasty. A word may you 20 dollars not before the 10, first I want 50 dollars a word I don’t think there is a minority, this year’s price bidding words back from some agents hand close at Baidu after last year said the word, breast augmentation, 7 money can be ranked one of the top 10 good ranking, but you see I above now for word price is how high, more than three times, this is why up so fast, alone, a single large, hospital advertising now Baidu access to Baidu’s own company, branch management, in their own hands, and how I malicious drive up prices, and some enterprises are in their hands, as long as I can bring profit to you and me is good, this is not to say, but when you bring profit to someone you have not thought about their own black, you in the middle of the same number of black business money, obviously a 3 words, 4 pieces of it, be sure to put it up to tens, hundreds of enterprises, Baidu executives do you think your heart is what! So money is not earned, is fastidious about the conscience.

3, some small station hit, I remember once I told a forum webmaster about good advertising what, I also posted to push, but after the website administrator told me that damage the Baidu interests, to seal my ID, a no way hard. More than a month to push up the post of a sudden, this is the fruit of labor ah, I have a son have their own advertising posts, other posts around their posts, try to do the quality of every post, you might say may be the site administrator to your letter, but not likely. Because he and I are cooperation, which website I is not named, but the quality of the site’s ranking is very good, so in the website.