BBS, BLOG, SNS, the nternet is not the problem of who lives

, some time ago, a "blog out of date" crop of wheat, sparked a lot of controversy on the Internet, and many famous IT commentators have joined the big debate. Obviously, the "blog out of date" faction headed by the wheat field is the hope that BLOG is dead and SNS stands. (the ant web of wheat is SNS.). The voice of opposition is clearly overwhelmingly overwhelming, and even though the concept of SNS is currently on fire, the debate still looks like a pseudo proposition from the wheat field, and then everyone argues against it.

remember when BLOG fire, there are BBS outdated theory. But as we look at the past half a year in 2008, many of the hot issues on the Internet have just come out of the forums and are getting hot. This shows that BBS still has a strong vitality. Now that BBS has been called out of fashion, BLOG has not taken the place of BBS; then, the BLOG outdated theory has shouted, and SNS will not take the place of BLOG. In other words, why don’t we admit the fact that the new technology, and become the focus and trend of the moment, but with the old technology as the representative of the mature products are still alive, and after after the accumulation, has a relatively stable user.

, as far as the forum is concerned, the entire Internet, as long as the point like the site, most will have forums. Or, there are many famous websites that are still in the form of forums, and BLOG has not replaced it, nor has SNS replaced it. Instead, these new technologies became a useful supplement to the old product and were properly partially adopted. Think of the Internet company Comsenz Discuz lowered the threshold, the community, make at least 60 Chinese million websites are using this system. As a mature and influential products, not only their own, Comsenz developed a number of ancillary products series based on Discuz. And many other Internet companies continue to use new technologies and concepts to develop ancillary products based on the Discuz series. For example, China’s wiki industry leader, "interactive online" ( specifically tailored for Discuz users Discuz HDWiki (For!!!). According to the data, it is not only the first Chinese WIKI system with proprietary intellectual property rights in China, but also an open source software.

we know, Wiki in the current Chinese Internet is still in a preliminary stage of development, Wiki in the domestic development is not swift and violent, with such products development is less, the product is not mature enough. "Interactive online" (also known as Interactive Encyclopedia), itself is a wiki wiki, HDwiki Chinese system development, is actually both sites can also be based on free WIKI forum website system. And it in "For Discuz" on the force, precisely confirms the domestic forum type of community hot.

therefore, the emergence of new technologies does not mean "old technology"