Local websites cannot be promoted by other people’s methods

himself is also an anonymous stationmaster who has not earned any money. All kinds of networks have been done, garbage stations, forums, etc.. I began to do the station said early too early. As early as the time in high school began to have their own web sites. Then the technology did not reach. The static network. Don’t know how to make money. Then the local computer industry was not developed. The county is only a local network. The visit is not estimated. But they sell advertising is very high. The size of a small 240*60 advertising. Actually there are thousands per month to buy SB. Since the technology does not work, not to make money. All the study sites remained in writing process. Until this year officially started. The beginning station did not know what to do. Think of a website name to half a month later. Angrily do a dumpster. Didn’t think good promotion garbage station really. Less than half a month. On the two thousand day visit. The key problem is that even the space fee package is less than.

is a month ago. I decided to try the local network. Want to do a nationwide station. I do not have so much capital, only do local site. If IP can be thousands of you can make money. This to two days, and then discuss with my classmates. We decided to do. The first domain name. Everybody knows now basically no good domain name. In order to let other people at a glance for the domain name. Think for a long time. The final decision by the local postal encoding a.Net registered domain name. After investigation, they must have very good record. Then a DEDE program. The change of a template. The website basically formed. But when adding content to the problem comes. At that time I was not in the local. Looking for local news. First find the government network. All copies of the past.. then find Baidu.NND for a few days didn’t get all 20 news. This is not to know good or bad.

As for the

search engine. The valley brother I never thought. Baidu also included.SEO PR. and I hope he will have no personal use. What is used to bluff. I sell a website in the forum. Everyone asked about SEO. Key words.PR. How high I rely on even the basic flow. Do not care about. You don’t follow suit. The more you optimize is not ranked on the name. Do my own website. It is back, not passengers. This not to say.

and I decided to open a forum. The first irrigation machine filled with Forum.. or others to see that no one website. Never see second times. We have a busy week. Start promotion. Began to trouble. People are not in the local. How to promote it. Thought. First 51 in 51 through the search space. It is our hometown people. They take the initiative to leave a message. To the first woman. Because of the present social reality. There is a girl where man is active to keep up. Get a 51 day to ten to shoot account hair for a long time. The effect is not very good. Through the analysis of the. Are all these dinosaurs. Those beautiful little. But the age is more than 20. One day down only to 50IP but are all female about.PV200.