2008 domestic content management system vendor service evaluation (Continued)

see a lot of friends before I made "2008 popular content management system CMS service evaluation" comments, supportive and opposed, and I thank you for the identity of users, because they reason; against friends, I also thank, because at least I know your thoughts, so today I some of the CMS manufacturers also do not mention the evaluation service, see for yourself!

and what I need to stress is:

1) some people think that I take a firm, the data is not true??! Please reply friends confused examples. All the data mentioned in the article, as long as you will access the Internet, and know that the CMS vendors can get their own web site statistics, I just choose to provide you with a collection of information.

2) the so-called epidemic is based on the number of users of CMS, the number of commercial users, forum activity, and the use of household monuments and other aspects of screening. As many users mentioned "the strength of several other CMS not to mention, not specifically looking for competitiveness and market here and he compared to several other NB CMS why not come out and he PK?", I only expressed surprise, since you do not agree with your reply from you think the mainstream of CMS, I will update the evaluation to "add three, four" until you are satisfied.

3) this series is the evaluation of service vendors, as the core content of the evaluation report please pay attention to the popular CMS depth evaluation of 2008 my blog "(Series)" and "who is CMS in a N fighter? CMS content model evaluation".

4) some netizens mentioned that some CMS vendors are not within the scope of the evaluation, so I conducted a review of other CMS services based on the results of feedback from users, and wrote down the "evaluation" (continued)". There is one more point to emphasize: without the hype of the brain, the victims will only be blind users, and the foundation of the evaluation is based on real data. Follow up, please continue to pay attention!


etc.anyway, this "continued" according to the requirements of the following several CMS vendor service evaluation: wind, science, network, odd cool source, the new cloud. The evaluation project is still the same as the previous one is divided into the following items: 1) product help manual; (2) video tutorials; 3) online training; 4) product FAQ; 5) the site of the product description of the detailed level.

1, product help manual (user manual),


product usage manual is the key to our ability to quickly master the various uses of this product feature, so it’s important to have a well crafted product manual.


mobile easy CMS user manual can be seen here: