Halfway out of school, K, Baidu, do web site

this article can not be said to be the experience, the function is a little of my experience.

I learned computers and dropped out of college without graduation. So I spent two years in Beijing and didn’t mix anything up. In Beijing, the main thing is to do the programming work, which is neither too good nor too bad. Two years later, I started my first website with a CMS program I wrote myself.

did not have the experience of standing by himself at that time, and there was no friend in this respect. This is my flawed, in fact do website friends is very important. ). Everything is my own way, but I have relatively long experience in development. So I’m still lucky compared to my non professional friends.

fortunately, when I was on my first website, Baidu was not so crazy as it is now. It was very fast.. A month later, I saw a forum where people registered GGAD, so I registered one. So I began to make money (at most, I could earn $1500 a month).. It’s easy to say. But, of course, I don’t think everyone should know..

actually, think about it now. It’s very simple to do web site, but it’s not so easy to make money.. The first is that you have to spend more time and energy than others. I’d like to thank my wife, sir.. Without her hard work (updated articles every day), there is no website for me.

later, my first website was dropped by Baidu K. There was no way to describe the heartache at that time, but after a while of heartache, I put my second and third websites on the line. Oh, isn’t he K? K, one. I got two.

online, many people curse Baidu is not authentic, not things.. I have also scolded, but what is the use of abusive home? That time is better than their own search for their reasons, and more to strengthen some of their own technology. Or just Baidu K?.

so later, I basically do not go to the Baidu, and I never watch the amount of Baidu. Because at least GG gave me a sense of control, I work hard, GG give me traffic, I relax, GG will reduce me. No, the kind of daily fear, like pilgrimage to Baidu to check included. Ha ha, think about it at that time, really very funny.

doesn’t mean giving up Baidu is a good choice because 80% to 90% of the entertainment traffic now comes from Baidu. But a webmaster must first recognize his strengths and weaknesses. My SEO technology is not very good, and very lazy, do not want to re do a web site for half a year. So I ignored Baidu. Included is happy, not included I would not be so sad, That’s all. In other words, calm down your mind, don’t take them as your own station, let Baidu K go. The East is not bright, and the west is bright. Your work will always be admitted.

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