How to ensure the normal operation of the site during the holiday season, ranking normal

Maintenance problems when

annual holiday I Zuifan website, because once the holiday, the server is off, most of the time not timely maintenance, causing the site open, included the impact site and ranking, the key is to affect our mood, sometimes we catch up with the Chinese new year, the customer also said not matter, there is now the hacker is also very idle, nothing is under attack, and sometimes not by computer, give them a lot of opportunities, there is a drop, there is no way to handle, but when I leave this server is very safe, a broken network and attack situation no, comfortably had a good year, below I introduce how I handle it, I hope to leave in the attack or the decline of some friends. Comfort.

first of all, the server maintenance is very important before the holidays, maintenance is mainly divided into so many parts.

: the first is the first to detect the new server, such as security, to see if there are loopholes, lay under several patches, is often the place of the attack, FTP and database, be sure to turn off the FTP, if there is no way to turn off, then under the permissions for each user to establish a separate account and password that extra permissions are removed, leaving only so few permissions on the line


, the rest of the permissions are removed, so that even if a web site has a vulnerability is attacked, it will not affect other sites, so save a lot of risk. In the establishment of the site, must remove IP, don’t use IP can direct access, even if phpmysql, also don’t such access, we can bind a domain name, two level domain name on the line. In the database I suggest to turn off the external access, anyway, the best and best external contact, if we use the software, then these can not worry too much, but I suggest not better off, said here server-u this software if genuine security will be a lot, if piracy or crack do not use. If during the holiday must be turned off, because the software is not safe.

second: is to the website and database backup, not a direct copy, we put each site must be packaged into the form of the package, so a lot of security, even if the file is damaged, the compressed package will be fine, if attacked, then the direct recovery on the line, angry a lot of trouble, the database is the same. The data folder is also packaged with the date, as the name of the file, to facilitate future recovery, of course if the server has a backup function that is better, these things are saved.

third: is to inform customers, the company staff on duty calls and maintaining the time to tell them, there is a solution on the problem of telling them, such as restoring the backup and so on, so it is necessary, even if we are not at a time when he.