Wang Zhun enterprise website is the most effective network promotion method

enterprise website most effective network promotion channel has:

1, SEO (search engine optimization)

2, search engine promotion,

, 3, Alibaba and other B2B trading platform to promote

4, using

engine, help business publication business express information publishing software

5, related forums, blog, post bar, Q & A on the platform, such as promotion,

one, first, search engine optimization:

search engine optimization is a multi page product. It’s the best way to get traffic free of charge when you start the first step you need to do when you can access it. SEO is the best way to get traffic free.

How does

do SEO? Simply speaking, it’s just the three step:

1, select keywords, and do a good job page keywords layout.

2, updated regularly every day, it is better to original or pseudo original, the same can also be reproduced, but must not plagiarize.

3, do links, have plans to do links, and then want to find ways to do a lot of the chain, and at the same time also appropriate in the article page inside do the chain.

two, search engine pay promotion:

search engine fee promotion includes, at present mainly is, Baidu bidding promotion (now has changed its name to Baidu promotion), Google AdWords, Sogou promotion, search promotion, Youdao promotion, Bing promotion, etc..

currently on the market is the biggest competition for Baidu and Google AdWords, but Google AdWords is more suitable for foreign trade station. In addition, Sogou promotion, search promotion, Youdao promotion, Bing promotion, also began slowly, more enterprises on their platform to do promotion.

The feature of

‘s PPC promotion model is that, according to pay per click, each click below, and then you get traffic at the same time, you also have to pay the appropriate cost. This ad model does not worry about traffic, because the search engine traffic is huge.

if in keyword settings, optimization and so on, you can also guarantee the click effect, for enterprise website improve conversion rate is the most effective.

, three, Alibaba and other trade platform promotion,

everyone who does network marketing should know the role of the Alibaba B2B platform. Such integrated B2B platform, the domestic well-known are: Alibaba, HC, business treasure, etc.. And more often, enterprise website can go to vertical B2B platform to do promotion.

this kind of promotion, there are free, there are fees, such as Alibaba’s pay promotion is to buy good faith through members. Have a TrustPass member, the information you have top of the function, of course more integrity advantage before you purchase integrity before the Alibaba customers can.