Talk about how the webmaster in the transposition experience, step by step to identify problems and

The term "

transposition experience" has always existed in an article on the Internet, and there are few webmasters who can really experience transposition, because they don’t know how to experience their own websites. In the three days of the site was a real sense of the experience, as an ordinary user, the author found the site a lot of problems, here is a process with the driving experience, hoping to provide some experience for the development of the website dedicated to the webmaster.

as a normal user to access the site after the discovery is not the overall coordination, color pages, there are problems, website images constitute a problem, so the page with the color of the site is the site, pink to pale blue page replacement page, the net station home some of the advertising picture code to remove finally, I once again enter the website, found the entire web page, clear color pictures website is reasonable, also no longer conspicuous position, this process took 1 hours.


search in the search engine keywords, and then enter the website, enter the site after I want to find some necessary information according to the key words, the results point to open to see is only a little, I realize that this time the contents of relevance keywords and web site did not affect the user experience, so the author search many articles in the search engine, will search the finishing, finally released on the website, let the user through keywords will be able to understand the content of the website, find the information they need. After 5 hours of hard work, the whole website has shown a thriving situation.

I once again entered the site, enter the site found that the site column in the configuration is not detailed, there are many columns are optimized in order to optimize, not to meet the requirements of the user’s spoken language, the author of this question after a detailed discussion, through the search related words, Baidu index of the following words of column optimized, set out in line with the user experience of the column name, so that users can in the shortest possible time through the column page to find the information they need.


column will change after the author after the search click into the website content page, the author found that the content of the website without words and pictures are described, then the author of Web site content changes in the search keywords into web pages, pictures and text on the site made some changes, the text before the contents of simple replacement for a picture that the content with text, so as to ensure the content of the site with rich, from the perspective of the user experience on the site with rich content, from the front to provide the content for users protection.

on the content of the full after the return to the site, enter the site after the discovery of the site’s customer service contact if the user has not conspicuous, things could not timely contact the customer service website, so I showed on the website of the customer service has been improved, and joined the QQ customer service phone number contact on the site right at the top. "