Small website construction company to do two hundred thousand profit a year operating methods

if the search in the search engine on the number of website construction company ", the search engine results is difficult to give a correct answer, we can use the word" innumerable "to describe. At least one hundred or so large and small network construction companies throughout the country. No matter what type of network construction company, its sales model can be quite different, but as long as the survival of all, have their own unique sales model.

– we have created a network of cloud, as the Yunnan Kunming network construction company so far nearly two years. Business is mainly enterprise building and domain name registration, website space services. Company is not big, no big strength, no sales team. The main selling method is to upgrade and stabilize our company’s website related keywords in search engine rankings, so that customers find us. In the process of communicating with different customers and dealing with each other, through the process of failure and success, our own sales methods have been formed. Now here to talk about, before we discuss, let us first look at the current domestic web site construction services company’s status quo. At present, the domestic sales network construction company has many modes, telephone based sales model, is probably a lot of network construction companies take the sales of main methods, this kind of mode is good or bad, we do not discuss, let us look at the current network construction company about classification.

first class company, better known or more successful, the strength of the company, has a strong sales team, the number of employees, a team of sales experience, with technical operation strength, technical architecture matures, the website has already formed a product, website price through modular pricing. As a sales model based on telemarketing, its telephone volume is a basic standard to verify the business ability of an employee.

staff sales process, usually start with domain name registration, through sales means, step by step to allow customers to build the purpose of the station. By means of the sales website construction cost is very high, this kind of company for the company to do a website at least 8000 per thousand, which cost up to a common enterprise website construction of several thousand dollars, if there is a function of the needs of individual points, the higher the price, up to more than a small Internet company a year the revenue! Work cycle to build a business website generally about 8-20 days, because the website construction products, web interface packaging is a key problem in production, that is customer satisfaction on the website of the art usually determines the work cycle. This company is the biggest problem here, one might ask, not to say how strong, said technical problems? And the fact that companies come into contact with people who are aware of such a fact: the power of technology is not equal to the service, because the operating costs and product sales model determines the technical limitations, for example, adjustment or need to increase in functional requirements need website module, to achieve cost will be too high, because since it is a product, a modular, to do individual adjustment or modification of natural technology costs, certainly not for individual customers to make changes. >