My PJ blog promotion experience summed up more than P500 days


1 site should have enough content before its official run,

ensure that the site when officially launched, there are at least more than 100 pages of content, if it is from the Internet, best can edit and delete some contents such as optimization, change the title, have the original, that is the best, the best can not be too short, more than 3, 400 words, you release 1000 1 words, also does not have any significance, spiders do not.

2, the basic optimization of the site

reasonable arrangement of the site structure, preferably three levels of structure: Home Page – List – – content, more than three levels of the page is more difficult to be included in the search engine. At the same time optimize the page title, handle the internal key insert, and so on. The basic SEO optimization or need, even if do garbage station, in the page design also don’t give a person feel is garbage station such feeling.

3, looking for several good outside chain

– the site of the collection, and excellent outside the chain, absolutely has a very direct and important relationship! Find a few PR value is high and frequent updates of the website and forum.

: some people say that I am standing just on the line, there is no good website like me a link; some people say that I know not so many Webmaster Help me provide links, I personally feel that you have to do the webmaster, there must be a certain relationship, so many webmaster, just add a a, usually more talk, a few friends, when new sites, will help you.

– by the way, there are several websites under the same IP (if you don’t know IP, you can PING the name of the other party). It’s better not to make a link. It might be considered cheating.

4, League promotion

At present, many common

alliance, Google, Baidu, Ali mother, Tai Chi chain, the new Pacific Alliance, poco alliance, the alliance has good reputation, you can get a lot of traffic flow through the exchange.

5, Baidu know, post replies


column in the Baidu search in the Baidu know the weight is very high, in the Baidu know columns can also speed up the post post included. Can be used to answer the mode of his answer set to answer in the answer of "source" added to their new link. If you think Baidu know ourselves from a lot of trouble easily blocked, you know "in some of the latest Baidu did not solve the problem of answering a question and add your link. Baidu will also frequent searches for these new problems.

6, creating a new space in Baidu

generally speaking, the creation of Baidu space in general can be included in a few days. New sites can create a web site related to their own Baidu space, and then add some articles in space, and attached to their web site. The same.