Travel website Baidu knows promotion experience share – Mid Autumn Festival article

travel website, Baidu knows promotion experience share – Mid Autumn Festival article

is now more and more people to do tourism website promotion, many travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, such as personal webmaster to join, the domestic tourism giant is firmly in control of Baidu keyword top, the tourism website is very lively, as the local tourism website how to generate and develop, a lot of people in the industry is a topic of concern, I contact travel website for a long time;

do promotion also has more than a year, travel website promotion use a lot of promotion way, these many ways also from Adsense network (Admin5) understanding of learning,

here is not for Admin5 AD Oh, travel website promotion is the main way here and share with you briefly:

1, Baidu, Google, soso, do keyword promotion,

two, local forum activities advertising (such as 19lou, Xici, Hefei Forum), holidays to do group buying, photography, wedding photography, self driving tour, etc..

three, blogs, forums, micro-blog, SNS and so on post, advertise.

four, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu post bar, search question, end of the world, etc..

five, monthly advertising, replacement advertising, etc..

Mid Autumn Festival is the prime time for tourism all over the country, and it is also a more intense time for all major tourism websites to compete for tourists. I’ve been involved recently, and here I share with you, Baidu knows – Mid Autumn Festival,

why choose Baidu know, I want to do network promotion, are familiar with, you know.

Baidu has a habit, every other time, will replace Baidu, know the first information, eliminate old information.

prepare articles:

, at the end of August we use keyword analysis tool to find dozens of relevant keywords on the Mid Autumn Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, for example: Mount Huangshan travel to Mount Huangshan mid autumn

Mid Autumn Festival to Mount Huangshan, the weather is good? Mid Autumn Festival to Anhui, Mount Huangshan, Hongcun, Mid Autumn Festival, Mount Huangshan train tickets, Mid Autumn Festival, Huangshan Hotel reservation, Mid Autumn Festival, Mount Huangshan tourism routes and other key words.

two, go to Baidu registration two accounts, a question, a answer, or all answer the account, suggest early registration, registration time simple answer a few questions.


account registration a few days later, began to ask questions, analysis of keywords, of course, pay attention to skills, especially to ask three or four questions after each, change IP, half a child and then ask questions,

try to add something personal when you ask questions. Don’t be too stiff, so some users don’t help you answer questions or you can’t help them