The stationmaster is the highest quality group in China

A small thing to happen

a few days ago in the middle of Wuhan city Chinese, can say in daily life often have small things, is a passenger bus driver was hit, where this cannot become hot news! But the whole process was recorded to video, the reality of the violence being naked the record! At the same time the video in the television news in the public broadcast, plus certain host inappropriate comments, so the video programs and the news quickly became the most popular online reprint! All the large forum once reproduced, the followers of up to several thousand to tens of thousands of all kinds of contradictions! And the idea of fierce collision, the 70% extreme rational users and 30% in Jiaocheng a! Treat emergencies response to test a person’s psychological quality


the same topics in the webmaster forums was subdued, I used the "Wuhan driver beaten" search in the day before yesterday, laggards forum, this topic appeared three times, may also be used to Lara popularity! Two of them keep abreast of only a few people, another is possible because very classic! Earlier, more concerned about the people, keep abreast of the lot, but 80% people just send a smile, another 15% people in two words: "attention", then the rest of the people back no more than three words: "say no"

this is the webmaster group with the highest quality in Chinese, treat burst time can make so calm! Website has gradually replaced the traditional media as people understand the information window, individual website also plays an important role in the quality of the webmaster decided how far can Chinese Internet! Although the above is trivial. But you can also react in a certain extent, the quality of other people Chinese webmaster


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