Rookie station trip

I am a 90 rookie, has always been a rookie, flying in the site, looking at a variety of websites, but I want to own a station, so I began my site tour. And I like the rookie can refer to, master reading fiercely PP!

first of all, analysis is to use what kind of keywords, which is the key of the website, he decided that the popularity of the website in a certain extent, especially like me + + rookie grassroots webmaster! It needs a good keywords, although it is a rookie, but I also know in the Baidu index. Incidentally, is the key to how to think, keywords are creative, and fewer competitors, what is the idea? X (Creative = knowledge + information), explain that the person is certain, will never change, so you just with your creativity and information the number of decision, so as a grassroots station, there must be only based on the information. But unfortunately, I have neither the knowledge there is no information, how to do? In the Baidu index following a Baidu index recommendation. At this time someone will ask: " not from here out of a? Keywords inside this must be very hot! " yes! There are keywords heat, I want to ask you a question of your readers, and horses who will win? Don’t think, is a horse riding and think, if you! You ride the horses who will win? Think about it, or the results of the horse will win! If you have different views that you face the horses (long joke ^_^)! But although we still lost to Malaysia, but with his running speed than faster! Then we go back to keywords keywords, these heat charts which is equivalent to our game and the horse, although we can’t run faster than they, but we can excuse me " " make yourself faster. So I was in these hot but familiar words in search of a sudden. I found the text keywords, such as search about 8K, go to a web site, has been a lot, but I also search the blessing SMS, the keyword search volume is about 2K, although there is no message, but also said in the past, I looked at these sites, and the not much, do not, so here I still have great development space, so I selected my words of blessing SMS.

is the second, domain name registration, my domain name registration is relatively smooth. Domain name registration for Baidu pinyin is the best! I went to see,,.Cn have been registered, there is a org! Org! I checked, have not been registered so good!! I’ll start it! This is a I smoothly, so there is no experience to tell you what! There is the choice of the server, which I do not, I use the server, because must be a student, so the economy is.