Placing Baidu ads seriously affect Google included

is allowed to hang Google advertising website linked to other website advertising in Google advertising description, but today I hung up my Baidu ad, Google included immediately from page 2550 fell into the 1400 page, I really do not want to understand. Arguably, such things are not possible, is heard inside the site linked to the Ali Mama advertising, will affect the Baidu included, but today saw hung Baidu ad, Google included immediately fall.

according to observation, today, Google came, I stand times, but it is normal, today 1500 times, Baidu about 1000 times a day, but just don’t know why Google included crazy.

Google spider recently visited my station statistics

Baidu spider recently visited my station statistics

in this case, my analyst, this is the way advertising is so, add Baidu and Google ads to the same table, and appreciate it together. I doubt if it’s a move that Google says, "don’t confuse Google ads with other ads, and my ads are putting these two ads together.". It feels like the same ad, and it’s probably a crime against Google.

in short, a station will put one ad, either Baidu, or Google.

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