Share some experience and experience of Network Entrepreneurship

first to recall a painful experience of personal failure, remember 5 years ago, when I was in university campus, because of a momentary impulse interest and made a website, the idea was to take the university campus resources effectively to collect 2 hands together, because when students graduated there will be many of the 2 resources to deal with, this time because time is pressing, many people put some personal books… Etc. are thrown away… Out of this idea, my warm 68 net was born, because of personal or a student, and finally failed, the experience makes progress. This is a process of constant charge, and then regroup wall charge, encountered corporate executives tore up the contract, because no gave him a little; encountered "friends" enthusiastic about projects, but to our princes reading, to accompany people to bid…… Stumbling along the road, all setbacks will translate into the wealth of life. The success of a company can vary widely, but the problems are likely to be more difficult. The following is I on and some experience of network business, looking forward to share with friends:

share some experience and understanding of Network Entrepreneurship

1, if not professional, it is difficult to easily join the network entrepreneurship. Technical, operational promotion, without rich experience or connections, will take many detours, and pay a lot of costs. Do a lot of traditional industry, as a concept network excitedly on the investment plan, and full of confidence for 3 months after the first half profit website online, found that face is almost a black hole, even after a sound investment in No. Network experience is very important, an elite more than 10 ordinary people value.

2, if you don’t have any money, you’d better not do the internet. No money, perhaps a relative concept, but poor boy, because the probability of the network of Phoenix is actually very low, especially now that the giants have emerged in the era. Many popular legends in the industry, but it is just the story; the story is used to hype to attract eyeballs, the real version of who knows? At least I don’t believe that can fix VC in Restroom; or VC money, too many entrepreneurs; the earliest to the angel investment Google, once said. He believes that the company has a point, must be rich, rich to allow mistakes. And the constant fear of salary is not sent out of the start-up, deformation, a hang by a thread, encountered difficulties may have to close. And the process of entrepreneurship is itself in constant trouble. A friend said that they did not pay wages, several people nest in the housing business. Their website is good, and their popularity is fast. But I think hardship is necessary, but there is no money, only hard is dangerous. Results one year after the dissolution of all Zhaoan work, since it is a passion, it is doomed not hold too long.

3, about financing. As if the founder of doubleclick said, the order of financing should be: his savings, his wife’s dowry, parents’ money, friends and relatives, money, and then VC’s money. I deeply agree with this view. >