The painful lesson still use locomotive acquisition webmaster please stop.

, this is a true lesson, dedicated to those who are still collecting new adsense.

have a TXT ebook download site is established in October of 08, the previous data are collected by PowerEasy plug-ins, modified titles and keywords, submitted to Baidu Google website, nearly 4 months after Baidu has been very good, the original Baidu more than 1800 page Google more than 2400.

then look at the forum for many webmaster in locomotive software, learning a few days, that is very good, just a little effort to update the e-books on its website, collected once, when I release or modify the content and the title, but after a few days the Baidu included suddenly reduced to 890 pages, a start I do not believe that this is the reason of the locomotive acquisition, because on the Internet I saw many webmaster do.

Xinyoubugan I will then collect a release, or changed the title and content, this time I have no direct release, advanced into the state audit, a review after the release, but these days I take a look at Baidu’s website K Google included only the home page, also dropped to 1400. Huge losses, traffic dropped to only a few hundred.

now I have reason to suspect locomotive acquisition, I hope this lesson can give the new Adsense reminder, and I also hope to have the common experiences of the webmaster contact me in time, the common cause analysis.