What kind of hot pot barbecue shop name is good to remember

a shop with a proper name, not only need to listen to, at the same time, but also has a good record of the characteristics, so it can be invisible to store a better propaganda. However, for a large number of shopkeepers, take such a name will undoubtedly face more problems. So, what kind of hot pot barbecue shop name is good to remember?

Name: Pepper beauty

explains: charming beauty, novel and easy to remember.

Name: Chuan Yue

explained: Sichuan, the most famous hot pot, Sichuan, translated into Sichuan, the novel, a good record.

Name: left right taste

explanation: hot pot is not divided into two pots? A spicy, not spicy.

Name: Hot street, No.

explained: Hot street, a prosperous business; one, No.1, taste first, service first.

Name: Fishing Yu

explained: a fishing net, the new fashion Hot pot.

Name: Shu to pot

interpretation: shulaibao, Sichuan.

Name: Pan Fucheng

explains: Aaron Kwok, the king of the hot pot.

Name: Barry Shannon

explained: Balixiang, Chongqing fashion Hot pot.

Name: odd flame

explanation: hot pot legend, the golden flame.

Name: Hi kitchen

explains: Hey hey, private kitchen.

Name: Tian Hot pot

interpretation: from the unique hongliangji Qing Tian; "in March 15th in the house watching the Xinyou peony" poem: "open Ying Chi is richly endowed by nature, and with the month." Big Tak Kwong, Yidefuren; Fu pan.

Name: love Hot pot

explanation: fall in love with hot pot, there is no reason.

Name: Chibi Xuan

explained: the burning of Chibi; Xuan, food Xuan; red is also a representative of red.

Name: Bai flavor Zhai

explained: the good tune.