nvestment simulation pet can earn more than 50 thousand yuan a year profit

may have a lot of friends for a simulated pet article is very interested, want to know upfront: initial fee 2000 yuan (investment) + appearance fee is 1500 yuan / month (8 to 15 square meters can) + purchase cost 9000 yuan / month (as the sales increase or decrease) + gift packing 100 yuan / month (including pocket, ribbon, flower color, etc.) + staff wages 700 yuan / month (1) and 1000 yuan (one-time investment exhibition booth) =14300 yuan.

customized price, the general height of 1 meters below the 500 yuan, 1-1.5 meters to 500-900 yuan, of course, according to the difficulty of making different prices have changed. According to the manufacturers on the pet pictures frame, made of plastic mold, into the sea, filled with cotton and other soft material, outside with the original pet fur, professionally handled fur, no smell, no corruption, no color, can be preserved for many years.