What is the secret of Liu Yan’s management of thin cigarettes

although the cigarette as a new cigarette market, since the launch of the market has been very high popularity, by many people’s favorite. However, after all, this is a new type of cigarette products, market acceptance is not enough, consumer groups have been greatly limited. So, if you want to make fine cigarettes hot, naturally need to grasp a certain business skills. And Liu Yan is able to make fine cigarettes sell hot, naturally and she mastered all kinds of secret related.

"this fine cigarette packaging colorful, more special, hot is inevitable……" One day not long ago, I went to Shandong Ji’nan Zhangqiu city supermarket drinks Beyondsoft owner Liu Yanzheng, smiling with customers chatting recently the main push a new fine cigarette. If you want to make a new fine cigarette selling is not easy, Liu Yan in this regard has its own business experience.

store layout is very important

new fine cigarettes to the store, Liu Yan will put them all on display shelves, on the most eye-catching place, and put a certain shape. "Customers will see a unique and elegant look at the door of a thin cigarette, I do not need too much introduction, the interest will naturally come to consult." Liu Yan said with a smile.

addition, Liu Yan set up shop in the tasting area, try to meet some customers "early adopters" mentality. Generally speaking, tasting new thin cigarette customers, more or less will buy one or two boxes." Liu Yan smiled and told the author.

science guide tips

I like to chat with customers. I don’t even have to look into their eyes and know what they want. Of course, I’m not going to be able to show my guess, but to give customers a choice, including the specs I want to promote."

"when it comes to the introduction of the brand and the specifications, to see the customer hesitate, I will seize the opportunity to help them as soon as possible to select the brand and specifications. For example, the fine cigarette brand in my shop sales have "Nanjing" (twelve beauties), "Jiaozi" (X Series), "the dragon" (such as I, patriotic and loyal to the throne) in that the customer has to buy Fine cigarette intention, will come up with some fine cigarette, let the customer enjoy."

"to see the customer can not afford to smoke cigarettes, it is difficult to choose, I will guide them to find the focus of the cultivation of fine cigarettes and the characteristics of the advantages, so that they increase the freshness. Of course, I will not blindly introduce customers unwilling to accept the brand and specifications."


talked about the use of customer psychology sales of fine cigarettes experience, Liu Yan opened the box.