What is the magic weapon of cigarette management

how to operate a cigarette, but there are related skills can be used. If you can master the relevant skills, I believe that the development of the store business will have a very big help. My name is Hu Jusheng, aged 47, is the canal town of a modern terminal customers engaged in cigarette business for more than ten years, from the original place of business of a few square meters of the small miscellaneous shop today to develop more than and 150 square meters of convenience stores, sales profit from the original annual growth of more than 3000 yuan to now more than 100 thousand yuan every year. The operating profit of cigarette store accounts for about 40% of the proceeds.

although the purchase of cigarettes every year to take up a lot of money, but under the guidance of the tobacco companies account manager, the rapid turnover of cigarettes, return in time, profitable. Three years ago, tobacco companies to help me to apply for a tobacco credit card, because I was in good condition, at present my credit limit has reached $40 thousand, ordering cigarettes do not take up my money. Now my business is getting bigger and bigger.

as the saying goes, "good water, good wine, good soil plastic pot." A good sales skills can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Here I talk about the business of the four magic weapons to share with colleagues.

magic one: neat and beautiful

"clothes make the man, to saddle horse." It’s easy to open a shop, but it’s not easy to run a shop. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, consumers are increasingly critical of the store environment. Do the shops inside and outside lighting, door design, shop store sanitation, commodity classification and so on are reasonable and orderly placed. In particular, store goods placed in the classification, the same kind of goods placed together to give consumers a free choice, so that consumers can easily choose to buy their own goods.

to each brand of goods according to the price of the order of the high and low, and the price tag should be one-to-one correspondence, so that the price of a commodity for consumers at a glance. Consumers have to take away the goods should be added in time. For new products to be placed in a prominent place in the classification, and marked the words such as new listing to attract consumers to achieve the purpose of promotion and cultivation.

I shop as a tobacco companies

image display "standard, unified store shelves counters, unified display standard, set up the" famous brand shop "," theme and family oriented display ", more to attract the attention of consumers, stimulate consumer desire, greatly enhance our store image, but also improve the cigarette sales, I get the benefits.

magic two: referral skills

not according to pattern "firewood, firewood exhausted people." This sentence shows that we should master some skills when doing things, only to find the right way we can get twice the result with half the effort in the marketing process