The main steps to open shop

with the development of society, the popularization of electronic commerce, to open a shop to open a store has more advantages, the advantages of a shop to analysis and some basic steps to open shop.

In other words,

Second, choose a suitable project. A suitable entry project is mainly from its influence, credibility and the management of commodity attributes. First of all, to join a project before the search engine to search its name, a general understanding of his ranking, from a side to understand the visibility of the site. Then, to the supplier’s home page to understand its credibility, including consumer evaluation, website art, etc.. Finally, the most important thing is to consider the properties of the commodity. Join the consignment shop often do not see the kind, they can not guarantee the quality of goods to consumers, which will inevitably lead to the existence of some disputes in the transaction process, while the goods on the after-sales service is also a big problem. In this way, the store is the main choice to join the project as far as possible to choose the use of simple, small repair and profit, competition is relatively small commodity, can reduce the risk of transactions. In this process, the author has a bloody lesson, if the reader is interested can contact me, exchange experience.

Third, the use of contract to protect their own interests. The consignment shop mechanism is not perfect, in many disputes in franchise shop can not protect their own interests, so before to establish relations of cooperation, the two sides signed the contract, the provisions of the relevant matters to make clear.

Fourth, the daily basic operation learning transaction process and join the shop shop. In front of the shop has been referred to the basic process, this process seems simple, but in the actual operation of the various links may be recommended