Spicy pot joined the chain to join the high cost is not high

a lot of people like to eat spicy pot, now spicy pot to join a lot of chain, more and more food, people’s choices are getting harder and harder. No appetite when you choose spicy pot best, a spicy hot pot franchise shop? The investment cost is high? In this article, let us work together to explore the investment cost under the spicy hot pot chain joined the


in spicy hot pot franchise investment, is the first to solve the joining fee, of course, if the investor is my own business, so you can save the cost of joining. Different brands to join the cost is different, it depends on what investors choose the brand. How much money to open a spicy pot to join the chain?.

remove joining fee, is one of the largest store rent costs. Store rental prices vary with the location of the different people in the commercial street, the rent is higher, while the more remote places rent is lower. Here, according to the monthly rent of 4000 yuan to calculate, a year to $24000.