What are the business skills of retail promotion

do a promotion business often requires us to be able to grasp more business skills, so that the promotion will be better, so that the store’s operating performance is better, and then earn a higher profit return. However, this business skills in the end what, which has become plagued by numerous retail households a big trouble. So, do a good job in retail sales management skills?

as the saying goes: do business promotion to the hearts and minds, it is. Who provides the most perfect, who is the most credible, who can become the first choice for customers to buy goods. Therefore, to open the store to read psychology, do not fight the battle unprepared, but also targeted to do a good job in preparation for sale. Whether it is a big shopping mall, or whether it is to sell the house business with a small capital, or sell, department stores, a magic weapon is the customer’s psychological control in their own hands, psychological strategy achievements wonderful life, money is king! Shopping malls such as the battlefield, psychological warfare in business almost everywhere.

business is to buy and sell, do good and bad is not how much time and money you pay, but depends on whether you have to spend money to think about each other’s minds, because buying and selling are two different kinds of learning. The most simple and straightforward way to do business is to make money. But just to make money doing business a vague and imprecise statements, really a businessman is not only able to earn money, and they will be more skillfully to earn money, earn money not only each other, but also impressing in their hearts. Recently, with several provincial retailers in the WeChat group chat to communicate some skills related to merchandising, I feel in their daily sales do is in place, it is worth recommending, the following share several retailers to the retailer wise remark of an experienced person:

Shandong Tai’an retail boss Wang

do a good job of product promotion to customers

it is well known that a good commodity depends entirely on its packaging, and nearly 70% of consumers are making decisions about whether or not to purchase the goods according to the packaging of the goods. This sentence was once a senior American marketing guru Tang? What Schultz said. Visible packaging is more important. Wang boss is the use of the master said, to sell all of their goods out, and thus get a rich wealth.

boss Wang’s store large, multi commodity, will inevitably encounter a large backlog of goods, including washing powder, because many manufacturers are direct door-to-door, king boss refused to feel shy, so a lot of inventory backlog. So the boss had an idea, he put the price of each bag of laundry powder to improve two yuan or five yuan. And then give away a small bag of washing powder or cheap umbrellas to customers. When you buy a bag of washing powder, you will receive a small bag of washing powder. Those who buy five bags of washing powder on the umbrella. This is like bargaining, or love to take the gift of the customer, is undoubtedly not a good