The name is hard to recognize can build a prosperous business

although we have repeatedly stressed that if a shop for a proper name, let the shop business better, to avoid some difficult to recognize the name. However, in our reality, there is a shop name, although hard to recognize, business is very hot. Here, let Xiaobian bring you together to know.

There is a restaurant called Ben Shan Xian’s

Hefei high tech Zone, full name can be read less and less a pronounced "Ben Shan Xian’s Shan Xian", Ben, Ben; Shan, Shan Xian’s, is also fresh. There are cattle sheep and fish: corned beef not salty, very dry very strong, potato flour and beef elastic delicious fish pot 38 yuan.

this is a very general restaurant, but because this name let the attention of people, coupled with a good Home Dishes can retain people, which became the local scene, every storm shed, especially at noon, other hotels are most worried about boarding time, here is busy. Yes, here is the 100 Jiafu supermarket, there are many sales support at noon.

maybe you eat many restaurants, you may be a brilliant man of wide learning, but the name of this hotel do you know? There is a high tech Zone day road name is a specialty store called Ben Shan (Ben) (Shan) (Xian) Xian’s restaurant. The boss said the store’s history can be traced back to the period of Qin Shihuang, the farm restaurant a minister at the time of opening the ingredients to fish with cattle sheep, three cattle, three sheep, three fish were piled up, in order to give people the feeling of the rich.

these three kinds of meat because we often eat delicious, let a person can’t help to cattle and sheep meat seems to smell the fragrance, tempting the appetite a difficult but general Shan Xian’s signature dish but people in addition to the Ben Shan Xian’s lead a person to endless aftertastes, signs of curiosity for no reason to add a few copies of the table of happy atmosphere, it is no wonder that shop customers in a continuous line.

Ben Shan Xian’s

, who was in the history of the famous hotel signs, shop just borrow. "Ben", Ben; Shan, Shan Xian’s, is also fresh. "Ben Shan Xian’s" Ben Shan Xian "read", read aloud, homophonic "Ben three".

There are cows and sheep in the

store. Some characteristics: beef corned beef 36 yuan, not salty, very dry very strong, potato powder beef 36 yuan, have in mind, potato powder and elastic, very delicious. Golden barrel sheep 28 yuan, 38 yuan fish pot, burning well but not what features. The most prominent is the pig, but also salty pig. Dry salted pork face 38 yuan.

dry pepper spicy bacon with mellow, is not on the table on the nostrils, inviting people. Skin tough meat through, no fat and not much lean meat, not salty very chewy. The shop stalls in this order, can see the hotel and pig face very edge, and chili wax pig face.