The two generation of Zhu Hongsheng’s wealth

everyone with entrepreneurial rights, whether it is the two generation of economic conditions have been very rich rich, or simply not what deposits or agricultural poor two generations, two generations, as long as they can stick to their dreams, as long as the efforts will be successful, this paper will introduce the real example of a farm the two generation of success for you.
2009 in April, 22 years old, he rented a shop of 45 square meters, began to venture, opened only a week on the face of bankruptcy in. Four years later, he founded the textile company into a set of strong production and sales, to join the kingdom as one of the old coarse business daily sales, ranking the forefront of the industry, join the store has reached 137.

85 entrepreneur Zhu Hongsheng from a farm "colt" gorgeous "coarse Prince", he encountered difficulties and challenges how, how is the "Frog Prince"

"agriculture two generation" good original ecological project!

2009 in April, Zhu Hongsheng rented a 45 square meters of shops in Zhengzhou North Ring Road, start-up capital 20 thousand yuan to join the old course of Anyang Home Textiles Co. Ltd. do cloth business, here will become the first stop of his business. But everything is not as smooth as possible, even worse.