Operating children’s stores can not know the two business strategy

now the parents of the younger generation has improved the level of consumption, in the procurement of infant supplies more attention to brand and quality. Engaged in the operation of young children need to pay special attention to these points, to provide consumers with their needs.

stores if children in front of the hospital, especially the maternity hospital, it is good business. However, large hospitals are usually around the commercial center, the rent is expensive, the investment is less than a few hundred thousand. Therefore, not only to look at the living population, but also to see the maturity". The old community birth rate is not enough, the new residential occupancy rate is not enough. If a child selling children franchise stores, are located in the South Lake Garden, Baibuting garden and other large communities, as well as tens of thousands of resident population, and new residential construction, to ensure that 5 to 10 years of continuous birth weight infants. The specific location in the community, there are stress.

above two business strategy although scanty, but infant franchise operators can not do not know the skills. After mastering these two points, you can achieve smooth operation of infant supplies store, so you develop more revenue generating channels.

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